Survey Project for M4C-Service Provider Profiling initiative.

Beatnik Technology Limited accomplished the successful execution of a Survey Project for SWISSCONTACT Bangladesh’s M4C Project, focusing on the M4C-Service Provider Profiling initiative.

Project Start Date: 15 November 2023
Project Deadline: 15 March 2024

Our enemerator and M4C field officer collaboratively ventured to the service provider’s site to gather data using our application. Similarly, they worked in tandem to ensure thorough data collection.

We successfully conducted extensive data collection from multiple stakeholders across six diverse districts, including Kurigram, Jamalpur, Shariatpur, Rangpur, Gaibandha, and Lalmonirhat. This comprehensive effort allowed us to gather valuable insights and information from a broad spectrum of contributors, enriching our understanding of the varied perspectives and requirements within each district. Our commitment to thorough and inclusive data collection ensures a well-rounded foundation for informed decision-making and targeted strategies in our projects.

A pivotal aspect of the project included the design and implementation of a user-friendly application dedicated to efficient survey data collection. Throughout the development and deployment phases, our technical team demonstrated proficiency in delivering a technology-driven survey experience, emphasizing our dedication to innovation in data gathering processes. Additionally, we established a comprehensive database and dashboard, providing a centralized platform to visualize the collected data. This pivotal tool supported informed decision-making for the authorities overseeing the M4C Project.

We successfully amassed an extensive database, comprising more than 3200 service provider profiles across the six districts. This journey was facilitated by our dedicated team of 24 enumerators strategically stationed in every corner of the villages within these districts. Utilizing our proprietary survey app, they meticulously collected systematic data, ensuring a comprehensive and detailed representation of the service providers.

To guarantee the effectiveness of our data collection process, our enumerators underwent specialized training. We crafted tailored questionnaires to extract essential information, encompassing profiles, photos, and precise location coordinates obtained through mobile GPS technology. This meticulous approach allowed us to capture a holistic view of the service providers and their contributions within these districts.

As a testament to our commitment to thorough record-keeping, the subsequent phase involved the printing of hard copies. This meticulous step ensures a tangible and organized archive of the collected data for future reference and analysis. The culmination of our efforts results in a significant achievement—the compiled database, meticulously curated through the collaborative endeavors of our enumerators, will be digitally delivered to RDRS Bangladesh Dhaka. This marks a pivotal milestone in our mission to promote market development in remote char areas, as the shared information provides valuable insights for informed decision-making and strategic planning.

Our commitment to excellence and technological innovation was evident throughout each stage of the project. From initial data collection to the final delivery of the comprehensive database, our team’s dedication showcased our ability to navigate challenges and deliver impactful solutions. The M4C-Service Provider Profiling initiative stands as a testament to our mission of contributing meaningfully to market development, particularly in remote and underserved regions.

Making Markets Work for the Jamuna, Padma and Teesta Chars (M4C)